Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 116 - Extra School Day

On 6/11 Saturday, we still have to go to school. It is count as a school day, so if you don't go, you will be punished. For that day, it is because our school has a musical performance, so the school want us to go. The school gave the notice out just yesterday. The school is always changing of what was already decided. On that day, the students that are not a part of the performance have to be there at 16:00 but the students in the performance have to get there at 8 in the morning :P Also, the performing students have to practice for 3 or 4 days before the performance from 8o'clock to 4o'clock. I feel a little bad for them, having to practice so much and hard, but the performance will be great.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 115 - Romeo & Juliet

Today, our group is filming the Romeo and Juliet Project. The scene we choose is the party scene, where Romeo and Juliet first met each other. Today is the only day that we can film, so we have to finish all of them today. At first. we are trying to remember all of the lines, but it seems impossible. So then we put the paper somewhere the camera can't see easily and just read the lines. Sometimes, it is pretty obvious that we are reading from something, but that's the best we can do in a short time. Some of the parts of the scene are longer, and people messed up the lines. We redo a lot of the parts for a lot of times, especially the part where Romeo and Juliet talk and kiss. I think we didn't do a really good job, since it is only in one day, but I guess it will turn out okay after the editing.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 114 - Basketball Final

Today, the basketball teacher gave the boys their basketball final. Our girls' would be on Friday. The boys' match is always more interesting than our girls'. Probably because they have more people, and they are playing the whole court. Today, the match is pretty formal, where we need to help them film, take the score and time them. The boys are playing a 40 game match, which is cut into 4 sections. The game was pretty tense, both teams are pretty good. At the last few seconds, a boy just shot from half court and got the ball in. Everyone in their team was really happy, because if it didn't get in, them their score would be a tie.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 113 - Final 0.0

Today isn't the final week that the school assigned. But one of our teacher doesn't want to be on the same day us the other teacher, so he gave it to us today. The subject isn't really a hard one, so I didn't think that we need to prepare for it. Also, because we are just writing the answers in paragraph form, and only 4 questions, but he let us use the book. The test went pretty smooth at first, but at the last question, there is one thing that isn't in the book, and I can't re-called that he mentioned it in class. I just guessed the answer, I hope it is write. And there are a lot more finals coming up :((

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 112 - Final Week

The semester is almost at the end. It is also the final week. This year, there are a lot of teachers giving as finals. But it is not only the finals they are giving us, it is also final projects and other homeworks. I wonder if they would give us time to study at all. Some of the teachers still haven't tell us where we are going to be test on. I just hope the finals wouldn't drag my grade down a lot. Also hoping that the test wouldn't be too hard nor too long. This semester really isn't going so well. A whole lot of things went wrong, and if more things go wrong, this whole semester is like a waste of time. 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 111 - The Election

Today is the election day for the new members for the Student Council. We are called to the auditorium at 12 o'clock. There, Ms. Pamela made a long speech about how people should not vote for people who are there friends, and no under table deals are allowed. Students should vote for the people that they think will actually bring a change to the school and students. Then, the election takes place. We are given a piece of paper with what each candidates' is going for. Each candidates then get called up to the front and made a speech of what they are thinking to do, how they might do them, and what experiences they have. Then the students have to vote for the ones they think would be better. Ms. Pamela later made another speech about the student should think about whether the things the candidates said are really able to be changed. The students vote. The school then starts to count the number of votes for each candidates. The results are announced today.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 110 - Coupon

Today, when my mom and I went to my brother's and my sister's school, she asked me if I want to go to the convenient store to get something. There are two convenient stores on the way to the school, and this time, my mom ask if I want to go to the one that is inside the school. I thought that it is strange, so I asked her why, she said that she has a 50 dollar coupon for that store, so we better use it up. We went, and it is hard to decide since there are only 50 dollars, and my mom isn't sure if they will give us any change back. Later on, we decided to buy two 25 dollars drinks, so that make 50. We forgot that the store has a 0.04% off, so the total is actually 48 dollars. The store keeper gave us the change, but it is two 1 dollar coupons :)

Day 109 – Student Council

The student council in our school is choosing new members now. People are going around asking people to vote for them, in school, on facebook, or hanging posters. There are three people going for the president, and, as my friends said, those three are not really suit to be the president. For the class representatives, some of the people only join for fun, not really cared about the works or anything that like. Out class, however; it is still the same two people going for class representatives. I guess if there aren’t a lot of new students, those two students might always be the class representatives of our class.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 108 - Seniors Not Coming

Last Friday, it is the last day of school for the seniors. Even though I am only in ninth grade, but due to the small school, I still know some seniors. I am not really close to any of the seniors, but we are still friends, and it is sad that they are going to graduate. A lot of the seniors didn't come today. At lunch, the whole cafeteria seemed to have quiet down. Some of the senior boys, are very loud at lunch. Also, the number of people in our school has decreased a lot, since the seniors mostly seat together, but now, the whole group is gone. The school somehow seem that it doesn't have any spirits, not lively but lonely. 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 107 - Finally Rest

Last weekend, the school didn't gave us any break, so the whole week is soooo tiring. On Saturday, finally I can sleep all I want in the morning. On that day, I tried to do some homework, but I didn't get through any of them. One reason is because the subject that I tried to do first has no homework. So one subject is down, so I take the time that I would use on that subject to do what I want. Then, I tried the other subject, but it is quite easy, so I finished it fast, and I have the rest of the day off :D On Sunday, I was half-sleeping, but my brain is already working. I go through the homework that I have for that day, and I just don't want to sleep anymore even though I am still pretty tired. I want to sleep :(

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 106 - Math Test

Today, in the morning, the office told us to go to the first class for that day at 8o'clock sharp. I thought that they are only doing that because today we have the PASMUN, but when we arrived at the classroom, there are tests waiting for us. Farther more, it is a math test. There are only 3 questions, but all of them are super hard. I think I only know 1 of the answers. There aren't a lot of people that really know what the questions are about, and not a lot of people even know that we are going to have tests, and I am one of them. On the score sheet, it says there are 5 questions, and I guess that we are going to do the other two questions tomorrow. Those questions are going to be a lot harder, I guess. Also, because the calculator is not allowed, the questions are even harder. I hate math..

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 105 - One Month Left

Only about one month is left until the summer break. These days, however; is so tired. First, the school used up the two days of our weekends, all the teacher are throwing homework at us, then the finals are coming up. Wrong days just keep on repeating. There are other problems in my family, also for some of my friends. I just wish that I can go through this month safely. 
For this year, I think that there also going to let us have a field trip. Last year, every grade EXCEPT our grade gets to go on a field trip, which is totally unfair. Then, again this year they aren't going to give us one. It is like, our grade is always the one that doesn't get the benefits. Hoping that the things won't get any worser, or else, I am just not going to go safely through this month.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 104 - Nothing great happens recently

These days, it just seem to go wrong. Nothing is right. Getting all the homeworks, the teachers rushing to get to the end, exams coming, and no break. Of course there are a lot of other things that go wrong, but when those are mentioned, only more things would go wrong. So it will be better to keep the mouth shot. The raining weather seems to have an effect on all of us, all are gloomy and moody. I wonder, when the rain stops, and the sun smiling at us, would all the things go back to normal? Or just going right. Tired of all the wrongs, and the unhappiness around me. What is really causing all these? I do not know the answer. Would anyone tell me?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 103 - A Weekend Without Break

Monday blues, in the morning, 3 people in our class were not there. They are absent. One person came a little late, saying that she doesn't feel too well in the morning when she first got up. The other 2 take the day off. One which has some urgent things that happens in her family, so she doesn't even came to the Spring Fair. The other, some people said that he is sick, some said that he is just tired and doesn't want to come. Everyone in our class is tired of the Spring Fair yesterday, we all want to take the day off. And I think that yesterday isn't as fun as I think it will be, probably because it is raining, the rain can destroys all the happiness.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 102 - Spring Fair

Today is the Spring Fair, and also probably the last time our freshmen class can work together. The Fair started at 9, but we have to be there at 7:30, to prepare and take the things to where the fair is hold. At about 8:30, we arrived on the grass land, and found out where our booth is. Then we set it up, and start cooking what we are going to sell. We are pretty busy at first, but then there aren't a lot of people that come to our booth. Soon, the food are all sold out, which make us very happy. We earned about 5,300, which is the least that each booth have to make. So we don't need to give more money to school, which also make us happy. The Fair made us all very tired, but we still have to go to school the next day.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Day 101 - Spring Fair

On Sunday, it will be the Spring Fair. The school said that, if we can't make a profit to 5,000 dollars, we won't even get the money where we spend on the equipments. I think that the school is really unfair. It is the same meaning as just giving 5,000 dollars to people, while we have to work for them. These days, it will probably be raining for quite some time. Like today at night, the rain is pouring down. I hope that on Sunday it wouldn't rain, or else no one is going to buy, and no profit will be made. I wonder if the school might cancel it because of the bad weather. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 100 - Taiwan's End

There has been a rumor going around saying that today would be the last day to Taiwan. The rumor says about that there will have a huge earthquake and split Taiwan into half. The rumor also have a specific time told. In my class, when that time comes, the students are counting the seconds. When the time comes, however; it is silent. Then some of the students are just shouting and pretending that there is an earthquake. So I guess that the rumor is still just only a rumor. There is a friend of mine, that on his status, he wrote that it is a disappointment that there isn't an earthquake. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 99 - Can't get on blogger

Yesterday I heard that there is a person who died from cancer. The person also has a blogger, and posted a post every day. Yesterday, it was his last post, and a lot of people want on of Blogger to read the post. Thousands of people using blogger at once make the blogger runs really slow. A lot of people in our class can't get onto blogger. At first, I thought that it is my own computer's problem, only learn that it is not today. I guessed that person got quite a lot of fans to make the blogger not able to work.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 98 - A Concert

On Saturday, my mom brought me to Taipei. I didn't really want to go at first, but since there isn't really anything that I can do at home, so I went. The concert is to celebrate a brand of sport drink called Super Supau for becoming 30 years old. The concert is for free, just that you have to get the ticket before it runs out, and for every ticket, you need to have 10 caps of the drink. You can start going into the room where the concert is hold at about 5:30, but there are people that arrive at 10o'clock in the morning just to get a better view. There are 4 singers, who advertised for Super Supau, that are there. It wasn't as bad as I thought.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 97 - Bio Trip Cancelled

Last week, our biology teacher said that we would be going to a field trip. The trip was scheduled next week from Thursday to Saturday. Quite a lot of people have to take the AP exams, and since those people are not going, more people just think that it wouldn't be fun, and also declined to go to the trip. There are only a little bit more than 10 people that are going to the trip, which is not a lot people. Also, the expenses for the trip was raised from 8,000 to 9,500, which make a lot more people not wanting to go. So that the trip is now cancelled. Some people are sad that they can't go, and the teacher is going to give us a test. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 96 - A Teacher's Farewell Party

Today, a farewell party of a teacher is hold. I do not know the teacher too well, since I have never been taught by her. A lot of people that have her as a teacher all said that she is a really good teacher. So I guessed that a lot of people went to the farewell party. I did not go. The party finished at quite a late time. And that when a lot of people went home, they put things like "I will miss you" or "have a safe trip". I know those are for the teacher. People are saying that maybe she wouldn't be back even next year.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 95 - Hair Cut

On Sunday last week, I went and had a hair cut. I didn't really cut much, basically just have the hair fixed a little. I think it got fixed by 3cm. It might doesn't sound a lot, but it really made a big difference for me. When I went to school on Monday, not even one of my friends noticed the differences. I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing though. It's a good thing that it doesn't look too mush different form before. It's a bad thing, or just not such a good thing because the differences are just too small.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 94 - Rain Rain~

These days, it started raining, which it also become colder. In cars, or shops/malls, where the air-conditioning is almost always on, they are cold too. Then in school, the air-conditioning turned on. On other hot days, the air-conditioning is always off, so that the classrooms becomes really stuffy and hot. Today, a pretty cold day, added with the air-conditioning, it is really cold. I am glad that I choose to wear long pants, so that it isn't as cold. I still like the hotter weather of the spring. I just hate cold weather, for having to wear so many clothes.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 93 - Another Fight

For a long long time, my mom and dad had been fighting. Sometimes, it is just minor problems, and those can be figured out and settled at most a week. But this time, something bigger had happened, and so they keep on fighting and fighting. A few times within this long fight, they would make up. Then two days or so, they would start another fight. And this few days, I think that things had gone really wrong. They are no making up or anything. And I just feel that my dad is not so smart. He had known my mom for so long, and yet he still sees fights with her on his own.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 92 - I'm Bored

As days goes on, everyday is the same. I am one those people that don't like to have nothing to do or only have works. Now, it is near the end of the semester, and because a lot of teacher still haven't teach everything yet, so they just throw a lot of works at us. Also, they teach faster, just rushing to finish the book. So, except of works, I have basically nothing to do. Really bored and that I do not want to just focus on the works, that would be even worser. Boring days still goes on. Everyday it is more boring than the day before...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 91 - Booth for Fundraising

We needed a booth for fundraising for our grade. It is said that we have to make a PROFIT of 5,000 NT, which is quite a lot in like about 5 hours. Our class didn't discussed it till today. They met after school, and because I can't go, I don't really know what they discussed. Someone told me that we are doing somethings that are going to be cold. Like some cold jelly-like drink and a desert with crushed ice. I think it may be a good idea, since the weather has become hotter, so people may want a little bit of refuge in the hot day. I hope that day would be a great weather, or else we won't make any profit.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 90 - DEAD

Today, I forgot to bring a worksheet that is going to be due tomorrow home. So I tried finding the questions on the web. But not even one can be found. I asked my friends to see if they are going to type down the questions, and no one bother to type them down. I am left with nothing that I can do :"( I guess I can only just turn them in late. I always forgot things easily. If no one remind me of them, I will as well forgot them. I hope next time I won't forgot those important things again. Or I am really going to be dead.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 89 - Spring:D

Spring is finally approaching us. Today is pretty hot, where the sun comes out, clouds in the sky, and no cold wind. My favorite season is spring. The flowers are blooming, the leaves and grass are growing. The weather is just so calm and peaceful, and it would makes you wanna lie down on a grass field, and take a small nap. I hope the weather these days can always be like this. In spring, the weather isn't too cold nor is it too hot, which is just perfect. Now, I can sleep in my bed without feeling cold, with a small blanket, so it won't be so heavy. Good good weather :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day 88 - -My Birthday :)

Last Friday is my 15th birthday. It was a pretty good birthday, where I can celebrate it with my friends. My friends at lunch that day, called me out to the playground, I was wondering why, but no time for that. My mom order some drinks from the bubble tea shop to share them with the classmates. So I went to get them and then went and find the people in our class to give them out. When I arrived back to have my lunch, there is a cake. They lit the candles and starts to sing happy birthday to me, which really gave me a surprise when later on they take out a gift. They urged me to open it there, and so I did. It was a really cute bag. I love my friends :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 87 - Cheer Pictures

Today, after lunch, the captain decided to take the cheer leading photos today at that time because some people cannot stay after school to take the photos. I am actually glad, because for that period, I have Wordly Wise, and that teacher is pretty strict, she won't let us do anything except taking the tests. Sometimes, even if we want to go to the toilet, she won't let us. But that time of the day is really hot, and we are out taking the photos. Everyone is sweating a lot, and there aren't a lot of shadows. When we are nearly done with the photos, some people from our school window shout out for us, to tell us to go back, so there we went. Also the time for Wordly Wise is almost finish, so I don't have to take that class for that day :D

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 86 - Movie Time

Today, a teacher let us watch a movie in order for us to fill out a worksheet. The movie is called the "Children of the Secret State." At first the movie is saying who awful the lives of children are in the North Korea, and because the camera is a hidden one, so the movie just keep moving left and right, which make me feel really dizzy. So I decided to put my head against the wall, but I accidentally dozed off. When I woke up a little while later, I look around the room, and nearly everybody is asleep. I watched about 5 more minutes of the movie, and the dizziness in my head came back. And because I had watch the movie before, I decided again to go to sleep :P

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 85 - Cheer Again

Today we finally have cheer leading  practice again. But only 6 six people are practicing. The captain in the team and a lot of other members have other things to do, and he just tell us to go and wait for the couch. When the couch come, he didn't really know what to do since there are not a lot of people. The people that are here are also complaining a lot about how the captain just throw us there. After a while, the couch decided to teach us something, so we still did something today. But because the people that are not there today will have to learn the whole thing next time.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 84 - Lagging Computer

:These days, I do not know what is wrong with my computer, but it is really slow and lags a lot. If the computer originally can load one page in 5 second, now, it probably takes like 20 seconds. Sometimes, it is not that the web page don't load, but the web page just stops. Every time, even if I close the whole thing and reopen, it is still the same. This computer is only about one year old, but last time, my dad changed something in it, and it becomes more and more like this. I hope I can live through this and then I might change to a new computer.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 83 - Shopping~

On Saturday, my mom brought me to a place in Taipei, where there are a lot of shops that sells clothes from boys to girls, little kids to grown ups, summers to winters. There are also food and drinks that taste pretty well. We went there by train, and it takes more than one and a half hour. We arrived there at about 1:30, and we went shopping right after we arrived. At about 5, we get on the train to get back to Hsinchu, and it is late when we arrived at the Hsinchu train station, when we got home, it is like 7o'clock. I was really tired since we are walking for the whole day. But it was fun, and we bought a lot of clothes.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 82 - People in TaiMUN

Today, half of the girls in our class want to TaiMUN, three of them are my friends. So that it is only me and another friend is left. Some of the boys also  went, and the classes just feel really quiet and peaceful without them there. But it is also just to quiet that the classes seems weird and they are also pretty boring. They are not going to be here tomorrow either, but I think tomorrow would be better, because their schedule are not the same as ours, well, some are. With all of us together, it can make the really boring classes brighter and have more fun.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 81 - Middle of the Week

Today is Wednesday, which is the middle day of the week. On my schedule, if we passed this day on the week, the classes are a little bit more relaxing and more interesting and it will soon be weekend. I feel that this week went pass pretty quickly, that the third day is almost the end. Even though the weekend may be boring and have nothing that I can do, as least I can still sleep until I am tired of sleeping, and just do whatever I want to do even if it is unnecessary. At school, it may be fun depend on what the teacher is teaching and how the teacher is teaching, and those times, school can have more fun than staying at home. But not a lot of teacher knows how to make the class interesting.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 80 - Nothing Happen

Today, nothing really happens, either in school, or at home. Really peaceful. But, I don't know what do write in my journal.
For first period, we have geometry class, it is just as usual, the teacher keeps on teaching and the student either 'listening' or doing their stuffs. Second period is biology, today the teacher is doing what he want and just throw some work at us for the whole period. Then lunch, some of my friends said some fun things and we laugh like crazy like always. After lunch is basketball class, we did a little tests on our physical strength, and I am so very not in the shape of doing four harsh exercises in a row. Then we have digital portfolio, the teacher didn't come today, and the computer lab is 'undergoing some difficulties', so we can't use the computer today, basically all we do is see what our next project is.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 79 - School Again

Today is the start of the new quarter, which can be a bad and a good news. It is a bad news because spring break ended and we have to be back at school, meaning more homework and learning. It is also a good news because new quarter starts meaning that there are only 2 more month until summer break!!
I didn't really have a nice and relax spring break. Everyday I was woken up at before 9 o'clock. Some days are because my brother and sister, who don't have a long spring break like ours, and they have to go to school. The others are that some of the neighbors are doing some engineering, and that make a lot of noises.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 78 - Tomorrow the Last Day!!

Tomorrow is the last day of school! Finally we can have a longer break, and also, the weather is better these days. I am planning to go outside with my friends, I hope that it doesn't rain on the day I am going to go out. If it does rain, then such bad lucks. Maybe planning to go to Taipei and visit my friend from before, the days aren't sure yet though. On Wednesday, planning to go to amusement park with about 7 other people, or maybe 8, not sure who are going. I hope we can have good fun there. Hope that teachers won't gave us homework for spring break!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 77 - Sunny Day~~

Today in the morning, when I first woke up, the sun shine through the window, which is really bright. The room, however; is really cold. That makes me really doesn't know what the weather is like outside. When I went outdoor, it is really windy with a huge, bright sun. I am glad that I choose to wear a T-shirt today with a light jacket. In the school, it can't be colder than my room, but today, we have basketball class, so we also have consider the temperature outside. When it is time for the basketball class, the weather is really hot though. I hope the weather can be like this all the time, not really cold but not hot either. But I hope that the sun wouldn't be so bright, it is hard to open my eyes today.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 76 - Stomachache

Today, I have a little terrible stomachache. In the morning, when I woke up, I have a really hard time getting ready. Once, I close my eyes for a few minutes, but when I open them again, I got really dizzy, and it is really hard to walk. There is also a feeling that my body is freezing cold, but hot in the inside. I was a little late for school too. When I arrive in school, my stomach hurt again, and my strength are taken away from me, it is hard to lift my bag too. So, I kind of sleep the whole day in the clinic. At lunch, I have to eat something, because I didn't even eat breakfast. But I still can't eat a lot, it is hard to chew and swallow the food. After I had a little bit of food, my friend gave me some medicine that will ease the pain.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 75 - Basketball Test

This Friday, we have a test in our basketball class. It is a lay-up test. So basically, it is testing how many you can score in, boys for 1 minute and 20 seconds and girls for 1 minute and 30 seconds, using the lay-up way of scoring. For the test, there are 5 cones, we would start at the first cone, go to the board and lay-up, then around the second and do the same, and same to the next three cones. After a round, if you still have time, then go a second round. The passing score for boys is 10 and for girls is 8. 8 for girls are a lot, since we are not as energetic as the boys, we are not as tall (generally), and we only have 10 seconds more than them. I only scored two :'(, which is really terrible, but the weather is really cold, and I am not in a good condition that day.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 74 - No Cheer

This week, a lot of people had gone to MUN, and a lot of people in the cheer-leading squad have either gone to MUN conference, or gone to practice musical, so there are only a few people that are left who can practice. The weather is really bad, windy and cold, so no one really wants to practice cheer. The co-captain then phoned the coach, and told him not to come, saying we had no people this time. So, YAY :P, no practice. Last week, we practiced downstairs, and not upstairs, there aren't a lot of space downstairs, and the roof is actually not so high. We are all afraid that we are going to hit the ceiling, we didn't, but it is only less than 10 centimeters above our head. The fear is still kind of there, so I don't really want to practice :P

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 73 - Fight

Today, I don't really know what happened, but my mom and my dad had a really big fight. My mom got really angry and just went back to sleep. My mom usually drives me to school, and I don't know what is going to happen because my dad had already gone out. When I finish dressing up, and went downstairs, however; my mom was already there waiting for me. I guess she only said those and did those to show my dad that she really is angry this time. But, my dad should really think about others a little bit more, or we won't ever have peace in our home.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 72 - COLD!!! :(( & Tests & Laugh

The weather keeps on changing from hot to cold. This week and last week is the same. The Mondays are warm with a nice weather. But from Tuesday to Friday, it is cold, cold, cold and COLD!! Hate the weather like this in Taiwan.
Today, I have two tests in a row, geometry for first period, then biology for second period. During the weekend and yesterday, I only remember that we are going to have tests, but I forgot other things, like calculators, and the notes we can use in the biology test. The geometry test need a lot of calculations, without a calculators, I just have to do the calculations over and over again, and it is driving me crazy. After the geometry tests, I quickly review for bio test, and do a little note that we can use for the test.
After the tests, it is lunch! One of my friends is telling us a funny thing, and when she stops talking, another person's food dropped on to her plate from her bowl, then all my friends burst out laughing. The laugh is really loud that people are looking at us, and it continued like 5 minutes or so.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 71 - Movie Time~ & Air-conditioning

Today, in one of my classes, the teacher let us watch a movie. I didn't really understand the movie, at least at first, but it is like the white and colored man. 3 man are missing or as they say, but I think that some of them might be dead, for one of them are shot in the head at the beginning of the movie. Later on, the FBI people are going to investigate and try to find the 3 man or their corpse.
It is like, half way through the movie, more than half of the class were asleep. I didn't really fall asleep, for the movie is loud and the music is kind of creepy. We didn't finish the movie today so we are going to watch it next class too. And thats a good thing, because we won't have homework just to turn it yet:P
Today, the air-conditioning in our school started up, which finally give us a little bit of air in the classrooms that don't have any windows. Glad that this year is not like last year, where the air-conditioning started after the summer break.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 70 - Cosco

Today, my whole family went to Cosco together. At first, only my brother wants to go, for wanting to buy things to eat. Then my lamp at my desk broke, so I just think that I can go along with them and get a new one. I do not know why, but it is always like my brother is the one that decide  when we are going to go and things like that. So, I have to wait for him to want to go. When he said that he wants to go, however; my mom don't really want to go at the time being, because it is like 5o'clock. My brother insist, so my mom called my father, then we all have to wait for him to come back home and then go. At Cosco, the things I want to buy, my mom won't let me, and the things that my sister and my brother want, they can. The lamps there, they only have two kinds, and I don not like neither of them, so I didn't get anything. Today is really boring and not such a good day.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 69 - St. Patrick Day & Poetry Tomorrow

Today is St. Patrick Day, where people should dress up in green, and even the face and body painted in green. Today, like Monday, is just a color day, so it is easier and more people are dressed up. When we are going to take the photos, however; we can't find the person to take the picture, when we find him, the camera ran our of battery, and after he said that he finish taking the photos, he found out that the memory card isn't in the camera....So, after he put in the memory card, we have to go back and take the photos again. Also, tomorrow is the Poetry Contest, which is the first time in our school that we have this event. The participant is from grade 1-12, and everyone has to write a poem. Each grade has 3 winners that we already know, and tomorrow, we are going to hear them present.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 68 - Spirit Week

Today is the third day of our school's annual Spirit Week, as I descried before, the Spirit Week is in this week, from Monday to Friday. For Monday, it is Class Color, and because our color is blue, where a lot of people have the color clothes, and mostly everyone has at least one pair of jeans. So, most of the people in our class wear blue on that day, except for some people who forgot or just don't want to participate. For Tuesday, Animal Day, where, I think, only 7 people dressed up, I didn't participate in this one, cause I kind of forget about it, and can't find the costume. And for today, High School Stereotype, only about 5 or 6 people are dressed up. I don't think the freshman  this year is ever going to win.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 67 - Homework!!

Today, the teacher gave us so many homework. I have 2 essays, 2 stories and 2 pages of workbook to write. I have finished the stories and the workbook. So I still have one essay to write. The essay is the hardest one to do among all the homework I have today. It is an I-search Paper, so, first I would have to think for a topic, do some research on the topic, and write out the essay and then, have to write a reference page also. It might seem easy, but since I am a little lazy and my brain is lagging to day, the essay is hard. I think that I already know what I am going to write, but I don't want to do any research on it :(

Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 66 - Dizzy

Today in history class, the teacher let us see a movie on World War II. Since the movie is all about killing in the war, blood flying all over, it made my head go really dizzy. I don't like to watch bloody movies because they are just disgusting. Once, a person had his head shoot right in the face with a bullet out of no where, some girls made noises or screamed. For the rest of the day, my head is still a little bit dizzy, although I can make out right and left, it doesn't make me feel good at all. I just want to rest and forgot all the blood. However, I would prefer watching a movie to learn than reading the text book.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 65 - New Watch

Yesterday, my dad finally took me out to look for a new watch. My old watch has been broken for weeks now. Every time in class, when the clock is not accurate or too far from me, I wouldn't know the time. Even though I don't really need to know the time when I am in class, since there won't be anything special, but it still better to know the time, so you can schedule yourself and use the time wisely. I am wearing long sleeves today, all my friends didn't notice my watch, but when the school is nearly over, I suddenly remember that I have to check to see if the time is correct since there are no numbers on my watch. Some of my friends think the watch is cute so they want to try putting it on.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 64 - PD Day

Today is a PD day for our school, where we get a day off. Although I have the day off, the other people in my family doesn't have the day off, so I can't really go anywhere. So today, for the whole day I stayed home, and having nothing to do. Woke up at about 1o'clock, and the rest of the day is just going on to the web, look though some things, listening to music, chatting, and a little bit of homework. I don't really want to do the homework today, because there are no homework that is due tomorrow, and I want to get a day of rest. Even though I did get my rest, but it is just kind of boring having nothing to do.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 63 - Spirit Week Change

The scene of the days of the Spirit Week has been changed a little bit, decision made by the student Council. Before, we have the Past Day, but a lot of people think that dressing up as the Past is kind of harder than its sounds. So the student council decided to change it into something else. They hold a quick meeting in the morning, and said that if no one has any suggestion, then the Past Day will be change into Pajamas Day. In our class, no one gives any suggestions, some people even says that the Pajamas Day would be good enough.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 62 - Expository Class

For every Monday and Wednesday, I have Expository Writing class. On this Monday. we have a presentation due. Everyone has like a 5 minutes power point to present to the class on a research question we choose ourselves. When the presentations are going on, the teacher told us to raise our hands if we had any question to ask the person presenting. Sometimes, however; people just whisper a little to each other, or sometimes just shout out a question when another person is asking a question. The teacher then warmed us if we talk anymore without raising our hands, then he will give us extra homework. Later on, the class is pretty quiet, but i guessed that the teacher isn;t in a great mood, so he assigned a lot of homework for us.

Day 61 - So Many Journals

Looking back at all the things that I have done for the journal, I just realized that we are already on day 61, which is already pretty far from the start of the semester. I didn't think that I had missed out 3 journals for the last semester. This semester, i think I already missed out 1 or maybe 2 of the journals, so i should not missed out anymore of the journals. Writing journals everyday is actually quite hard, that sometimes, just nothing happens. Filling out 2 lines can be easy, but 10 lines, then a  lot of the lines are just saying meaningless things, like this line. These days, totally nothing happens, or maybe just nothing that I would like or want to talk about. The only thing to talk about a regular day is what happen in school, but then everyday in school is pretty much the same. Sometimes in school, there are also nothing to talk about, probably no one will want to hear about classes.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 60 - Spirit Week Coming Up

The Spirit Week that is an annual event in our school is coming up soon on March 14 to March 18. For everyday between the dates, there is a different scene that we can dressed up to. For this year, Monday will be Class Color, where every class will get a color and dress up in that color. Tuesday is Animal Day, where people dress up as an animal. Stereotype in High School on Wednesday, where you can dress up as any stereotypes that is in High School, like nerds, cheerleaders, gangsters and so on. Thursday will be St. Patrick's Day, where you dress up in green. The last day, Friday is Past Day, where people dressing up as any one from the past time. For every grade in High School, there will be judging to see which grade has the highest participation percentage, the winning grade will get a pizza party. The event is for fun, only some people aimed for the pizza party.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 59 - Cheerleading

Today, as you know, it's Thursday again, so it's for our cheer-leading practice. The weather is really windy these days, but we still have to practice outside, and where the wind is blowing so strong. Also. today, there are 5 people that couldn't come when it is our club time, because they have the musical practice thing to do. They take up a lot of time, that they can only come when the school hour ends. Basically, we are just reviewing what we learned before, trying to make the moves better and such. When the flyers are up there, it is where the wind blows the strongest. SO COLD!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 58 - COLD!!

Today, the weather is really cold. A lot of people had already put their thicker jackets back into the closet or wherever they put them, but then the weather just change from a hot sun to a windy day. Everyone think that it is almost spring time when the sun came out, and we are all happy that the weather wouldn't be so cold anymore. Now, it is back to the weather just like the winter, no change at all. I don't really like to wear thick jackets because it is sometimes really heavy, but now, if I don't wear them, I am going to freeze to dead :|

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 57 - My Neck

Today, when I woke up in the morning, my neck is hurting really badly. I think that when I slept yesterday, I twisted my neck. I have to move really slowly in order for it not to hurt a lot. Still, sometimes I will forgot about the twist and just do things as I normally do them. Then, I will have to stay in that pose until the pain has gone down a little bit. In school, it was really awful, for example, someone called me from behind, but I can't twist my neck more than about 50 degree. It is the worst for the basketball class, which we have to run around and look for the ball, and that is what I can't do. For nearly the whole period, I just stand there having nothing to do.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 56 - No Holiday!!

Today, all the local schools and also some American or international schools and companies have holiday. Our school, however; does not give us a day off. In the morning, there are no one on the streets and you don't see students on their way to school. It's so empty outside and only our school is still full of people. Some people in our school, take the day off though. I wanted to have an extra day to rest too. But, my parents are not those who will let me take the day off easily. From elementary school until now, there aren't even 10 days that I took the day off of schools. A lot of people's parents just let their kids rest and take the day off by just the kid saying s/he wants the day off. So not fair.

Day 55 - Boring Weekend

This weekend, nothing really fun happen. It is even more boring than the other weekends. For other weekends, I neither went out shopping, went to a friend house, or went to a restaurant of some sort. This weekend, all I do is sleep, use the computer, and doing homework. My family members do went out to shop for something on this weekend, but I have no interest in what they are buying, or where they are going to buy those things. For other times, when they are going out, I might be wanting to go because there can always be something that I want to buy, or can buy if I went with them, but not this weekend. Feeling quite down.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 54 - Science Fair TODAY

Today is the actual day for PAS's annual Science Fair!! In the morning, all the people that are doing the Science Fair, which are the people from grade 3-12, they are called to to have a meeting on how the day is arranged. They have to go to the first period, and for the second period, they will be starting to put up their posters. The Science Fair is going to start at 10:40. The judges are going to go through the elementary section, which are from grade 3-5, then the middle schoolers, 6-8 graders. Last, are the high schoolers. Also, the high schoolers are separate into different sections, there are math, biology, psychology and chemistry. Misty's group are doing things on psychology, and it is the last section the judges are going to come by.

Day 53 - Science Fair Tomorrow

Tomorrow will be the actual Science Fair in PAS, where Misty, her group mates, and all the people in the school will present what they did over the months. The judges are going to come by every stand and listen to every thing a group has to say. This year, the arrangement of the stands are different than last year. The elementary sections are by the doorway, so when people are going to take notes about the fair of each section, they would have to go all the way to the door and then come back. Also, some of the high school sections are in the middle of the middle school section, so it may be hard to find the way through the Science Fair.

((can't film today

Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 51 - Leave Basketball

These days, I decided to quit the basketball team. The team coach was really harsh. Also, these days, a lot of things happened, and I am really not in the mood for doing exercises. When I got home from the practices and stuff, I won't have energy left to do the homework. Only if I have a  little bit time to rest, and clear my head a little bit.
I didn't eat much these days either, which I don't really have the appetite to eat anything. I do feel hungry sometimes, but after I ate something, my stomach kind of hurts, and I would feel like puking. So, I didn't eat lot, just a little enough to let me not feel hungry.
My camera these days are not working really well, so sometimes I can't film, or else it will take my up to 3 hours.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 50 - Science Fair

Today, Misty is going starting to work on her group's Science Fair poster, that will be hang on a wooden board, and be displayed. The poster has to look a bit more attractive to have people come over and listen to what their groups have done. Since Misty's group is a combine of two groups, they would have to make one poster that will be comparing the results of our two projects. For Misty's group, a lot of the things they are going to put onto the poster is not printed out, so they can only do what they can today, and continue to work on the poster when they have all the materials.

((can't film

Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 46 - Science Fair, Finally Starting

Day 45 - Let Your Backbone Slide

Today we have to do the rap song called "Let Your Backbone Slide", which is pretty hard, because we have to look at the lyrics, while listening to the song, and while trying to sing along. The song has a lot of places that only have music, with no lyrics, and a lot of times I do not know when it is going to start. Also the song goes really fast, and some of the words its hard to pronounce. Today I don't have a lot of time to do the recording thing, so I just read the lyrics a little bit. Next time I will make sure that I read the lyrics through quite a number of times before starting.

((when I upload a video, it takes like an hour or two, sometimes longer, so today can't do a video on the journal

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 44 - Cheer

Today is Thursday, and we finally have our club time today. I am still in cheer leading. Today, the teacher comes a little  later than usual, so we have to practice first on our own. We have some people that couldn't come at first, and we got two new members. We teach the new students first, and when the teacher came, he taught us more moves. Now, the moves got harder and harder, and we don't really have a lot of people in the club, and we don't have a lot of time.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 43 - Chinese New Year Break

((the sound is not really loud after I uploaded and I don't know why
((and I can't seem to uploaded it straight on blogger

Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 42 - Talent Show

In our school, every year, there is an event called the Talent Show. In the Talent Show, students can sign up on their own and perform something they are good at. There can be magic shows, singing, dancing, playing instruments and a lot more. There might be a lot of people that perform, but sometimes, nobody wants to perform. This year, a lot of new students from local schools come, and a lot of them are not performing, also, a lot of the people that perform most of the times went to other schools. So, this year, people are not really expecting much from the Talent Show, although there are still quite a number of people performing.

((can't do a video today

Day 41 - Basketball Hoopla

Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 40 - Dizzy

Today after the first period, I feel really dizzy. I can't even walk straight. I have been feeling this dizziness for more than a day or two now. This feeling makes me want to throw up.
When my friends saw that I am not feeling so well, they kind of forced me to the clinic, because I don't really want to go there. After they left, however, I went to sleep in the bed. There are nothing to do there except to sleep, so I am really bored, for I am not the kind of person that can fall asleep whenever and wherever.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 39 - New Students?

There are some people that came to our class for trying out, but after a day or two, they didn't come anymore. We don't know if they are leaving the school, or just have something to do, that why they didn't come. One of the new students said that she is going to New Zealand for a holiday, but even when the second semester already started, she haven't come back yet. A lot of people in our classes are guessing that they are not going to come back. Another thing is that, all the people trying out are girls, now in the mainstream class, we have more girls than boys, which is a rare thing because there are always more boys than girls in our class.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 38 - The Second Day of the Second Semester

Today is only the second day of the second semester. Not a lot of teachers have taught us anything yet, but we are already all piled up with homework. Some of the teachers haven't even started his or her lessons, but still give us homework. There is one teacher that only gives us some review of what we have last quarter, and told us to do 4 pages of the workbook. It is really troublesome because we have to go look up in the book and internet in order to find the answers.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 37 - Hurt =ˇ=

Today, at basketball team practice, when we are running  through the field, a ball from the boys' side came flying. A boy came to get the ball, and because I am facing the other side, I didn't see those coming. He bumped into me sideways. It is sideways, so it didn't hurt that much, but when I ran on, I couldn't really run straight, and sprang my ankle. That's when it really starts to hurt. I didn't rest too well, because we are upstairs, the cold wind just keep on blowing.
I think that I can walk after a while of resting, but when I tries running, my ankle kept on hurting. So, I didn't do much today, and it is so cold for not able to move.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 36 - Bored

For this weekend, all I did is staying at home. Although, I, myself, didn't really want to go outside because of the wind, and having nowhere to go. My parents never let me go to places on my own. There is nothing to do inside the house either, can only sleep, use the computer, cellphone, read books, and some other things that can be done anytime when you have time. A lot of people went out during the weekends, with family and/or friends. So even on the internet, there are not a lot of people that are online. Really wants to go out these days, with friends, bored at home.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 35 - New Clubs

Today is the last day we have club time during the first semester. So, people are starting to look for new clubs to go for the second semester. Some new clubs appear, and some old ones disappeared. Cheer-leading is still there, but there are not a lot of people in it. Today, only 5 people came, which left us nothing to do. We discussed over with the couch, and he said that we should go and persuade more people to join. Our captain is that there today, so our co-captain has to do everything. The co-captain became really upset and cried, saying the captain is not responsible. Some people that are the co-captain's friends and still doesn't have a club to join, joined the cheer-leading, which make all of us more happy, and that our club is not going down.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 34 - Finals and Finals

This week is the final week, which means both the last week of the first semester, and when the teachers are going to give final exams. The finals are different from the midterms. When it is the midterm exams, only a few teachers gave exams, others just give quizzes. For the finals, nearly every teacher gave an exam. The dates of the finals are decided by the teachers themselves, or they give us a choice of which day is more convenient, such as not over-lapping other exams. Although, some other exams will overlap because they have classes on the same day, but with one or two exams on other days, it really makes a difference. Some teachers; however, only told us about the exams a few days ago, which we we won't have a lot of times to study for them.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 33 - Flash Animation Final

I took the flash and animation class this year, and today when the final is due. People picked by the teacher will have to go, but since the class is not that log, and there are a lot of people, not everyone has performed today. After each person's performance, the teacher will ask to see if anyone wants to give suggestion or feedback to that person's flash. There is one person that always wants to give suggestions. The teacher got tired of him real fast, because he didn't give much suggestion, but instead, he said things like, "I think ___ did a really good job, and s/he deserve an A or A+" to everyone. Sometimes when he did give suggestions, the teacher will point out what he said.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 32 - Late For 3 Minutes

Today, again, I stayed at school. Mostly because of the Basketball Team practice. When I called for my mom to come pick me up, she said she is nearly at school, at about 5 minutes or so. I went to my locker and packed my things, which already takes up 2 minutes, then I walked to the stairs. With all the heavy things, it is really tiring to take the stairs, so I walked a bit slower. When I reached the car, my mom was really angry, saying that I am 3 minutes late. Every time when I am late, even only a little, she gets really angry. But when my brother or sister get a little bit late, she doesn't really cares....

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 31 - English Project

Yesterday, out group went to Candy's house to film the English project. The project is to make a video out of the book "A Christmas Carol", which is a book about a man who hated Christmas. The only thing he cared for is his money, he didn't cared about the others. Then one night, his dead friend, Marley's, ghost came and told him that if he don't change, he will be a ghost that has to suffer, and that there will have three spirits that will come to him. The Spirits of Christmas Past, Present, and Future. Looking at his own past, present and future got him scared, so he decided to change. He started to care about others and is willing to give others his money.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 30 - First Day at Basketball Team

Today is my first day at my school's basketball team. Today is a raining day, so we did not go outside to play basketball; however, we practice our physical strengths. It is very tiring, for us have to run up and down the stairs several times. Then, we have about 2 minutes of rest time, and continued to do sit-ups 120 times, and push-ups as many as you can in a limited time. The exercises are all really tiring, our strength got taken away real fast, and it is cold....

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 29 - Sick

Got sick today in the morning. Not really sick, but still doesn't feel too well. Having a running nose all the time. The weather is just so cold these days. Although the weather in Taiwan is not the coldest, or not even close to cold compare to those countries that snows. But that's also a reason why some people feel cold here, because we are not used to cold, and we don't think that it will be too cold, so we didn't put on too much clothes. A lot of people are sick these days, which I think is how I get the germs. Hate being sick and having to go to school.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 28 - Basketball Team

One of my friends, who have the same classes as I am, is going to join the basketball team. Last time whenever the PE teachers asked us if we want to join the team, we say no. But now she has change her mind, probably because she wants to spend more time at school, and not just go home right after school. She dragged me into the team along with her. Even though I decided that I will join with her, when someone ask me why I am joining, I always say that she dragged me into it. It sometimes drives her crazy because she doesn't know how to reply. It is kind of my habits to let the others wordless, although sometimes it's hard to continue the conversation if you are not too familiar with them.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 27 - Science Fair

Today we are disgusting about the Science Fair. I am in a group of three girls. But we are doing it with another group of three. Mostly the same topic, but differently. So, it is kind of a six people group. The Science Fair this year only has a really short time for us to prepare, which is not really good for us, since we need at least 60 other people to help us. So, if we don't have enough time to meet up during weekends nor to stay after school, then we wouldn't be able to finish. This year, the presentation is on February 24th, and is given to us on December 16th, which only have two months, and about one month is breaks.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 26 - Wordly Wise Class

For every Thursday, we have a vocabulary testing class, which can also be called as the Wordly Wise class. It is a class where you just look at vocabularies and then take a test to see if you pass the lesson or not. The class is really boring, partly because the teacher is really strict. She doesn't let us talk, read books, sleep, or go out side of the class if nothing important happens. So, all we can do in the class is to study for vocabularies and keep quiet, nothing else can be done in the class, so everyone is basically really bored. Some people will start to pass notes, and chit-chatting. If the teacher found out, our life in the Wordly Wise class will be even more boring...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 25 - Staying After School

Today, I stayed after school, again. We have a class meeting, but it doesn't take too long since we don't have a lot of things to discuss. After the meeting, my friends and I have nothing to do, and so we went upstairs to see the basketball team at practice. We stayed outside the gates, because we don't want to go in and distract them. They are not playing games, just practicing. There isn't much to look at, so we start chit-chatting. Later on, it gets kind of cold, and the time passed by quite fast. So we decide to go back downstairs. It was kind of bored but fun at the same time. I wish that we can have more time together.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 24 - New Student

Today, we have a new student trying out. It's a girl, transferred from China. She is pretty funny and nice. She get along quite well with us. Hope that she doesn't feel uncomfortable in out school. If she stayed in our class, then we are going to have eleven girls. We have thirteen boys in our class. So, now the number wouldn't be such a huge difference. Although, I do hope that we can have more new students, boys and girls.
Today is also more a last a very happy day. Even though today is cold, I am warm inside.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 23 - School Today =3=

Today we have school after a two weeks' break. Everything is back to normal, basically nothing has changed over the break. I am also the same, sleepy in class...
After the two weeks of school, we are still going to have a one week break, then we are going on to the second semester. I wondered why we don't have a 5 weeks break, then the semester won't be broken, the time had been a little messed up and since a lot of people are still in break mode. It's so tiring today....
I want to go to the second semester, where we can choose classes. Really wants to change some of the classes, and I hope the new classes I choose can be better. At least not bored.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 22 - School Tomorrow

Today is the last day of winter break, the 2 weeks break ends really fast. I didn't go anywhere this year, because my brother and sister still haven't have their winter break yet, and my mom needs to take care of them.
I did go somewhere with my friends, but those days pass by real fast and I am back at home having nothing to do again. On the 31th though, we did go out to see the fireworks, but we stayed in Hsinchu. There isn't much to look at since Hsinchu is small and not a lot of popular singers came.
This year is kind of crowded and really cold, so we don't really like it. Next time, we will probably not stay in Hsinchu and go somewhere else.