Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 114 - Basketball Final

Today, the basketball teacher gave the boys their basketball final. Our girls' would be on Friday. The boys' match is always more interesting than our girls'. Probably because they have more people, and they are playing the whole court. Today, the match is pretty formal, where we need to help them film, take the score and time them. The boys are playing a 40 game match, which is cut into 4 sections. The game was pretty tense, both teams are pretty good. At the last few seconds, a boy just shot from half court and got the ball in. Everyone in their team was really happy, because if it didn't get in, them their score would be a tie.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 113 - Final 0.0

Today isn't the final week that the school assigned. But one of our teacher doesn't want to be on the same day us the other teacher, so he gave it to us today. The subject isn't really a hard one, so I didn't think that we need to prepare for it. Also, because we are just writing the answers in paragraph form, and only 4 questions, but he let us use the book. The test went pretty smooth at first, but at the last question, there is one thing that isn't in the book, and I can't re-called that he mentioned it in class. I just guessed the answer, I hope it is write. And there are a lot more finals coming up :((

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 112 - Final Week

The semester is almost at the end. It is also the final week. This year, there are a lot of teachers giving as finals. But it is not only the finals they are giving us, it is also final projects and other homeworks. I wonder if they would give us time to study at all. Some of the teachers still haven't tell us where we are going to be test on. I just hope the finals wouldn't drag my grade down a lot. Also hoping that the test wouldn't be too hard nor too long. This semester really isn't going so well. A whole lot of things went wrong, and if more things go wrong, this whole semester is like a waste of time. 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 111 - The Election

Today is the election day for the new members for the Student Council. We are called to the auditorium at 12 o'clock. There, Ms. Pamela made a long speech about how people should not vote for people who are there friends, and no under table deals are allowed. Students should vote for the people that they think will actually bring a change to the school and students. Then, the election takes place. We are given a piece of paper with what each candidates' is going for. Each candidates then get called up to the front and made a speech of what they are thinking to do, how they might do them, and what experiences they have. Then the students have to vote for the ones they think would be better. Ms. Pamela later made another speech about the student should think about whether the things the candidates said are really able to be changed. The students vote. The school then starts to count the number of votes for each candidates. The results are announced today.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 110 - Coupon

Today, when my mom and I went to my brother's and my sister's school, she asked me if I want to go to the convenient store to get something. There are two convenient stores on the way to the school, and this time, my mom ask if I want to go to the one that is inside the school. I thought that it is strange, so I asked her why, she said that she has a 50 dollar coupon for that store, so we better use it up. We went, and it is hard to decide since there are only 50 dollars, and my mom isn't sure if they will give us any change back. Later on, we decided to buy two 25 dollars drinks, so that make 50. We forgot that the store has a 0.04% off, so the total is actually 48 dollars. The store keeper gave us the change, but it is two 1 dollar coupons :)

Day 109 – Student Council

The student council in our school is choosing new members now. People are going around asking people to vote for them, in school, on facebook, or hanging posters. There are three people going for the president, and, as my friends said, those three are not really suit to be the president. For the class representatives, some of the people only join for fun, not really cared about the works or anything that like. Out class, however; it is still the same two people going for class representatives. I guess if there aren’t a lot of new students, those two students might always be the class representatives of our class.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 108 - Seniors Not Coming

Last Friday, it is the last day of school for the seniors. Even though I am only in ninth grade, but due to the small school, I still know some seniors. I am not really close to any of the seniors, but we are still friends, and it is sad that they are going to graduate. A lot of the seniors didn't come today. At lunch, the whole cafeteria seemed to have quiet down. Some of the senior boys, are very loud at lunch. Also, the number of people in our school has decreased a lot, since the seniors mostly seat together, but now, the whole group is gone. The school somehow seem that it doesn't have any spirits, not lively but lonely. 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 107 - Finally Rest

Last weekend, the school didn't gave us any break, so the whole week is soooo tiring. On Saturday, finally I can sleep all I want in the morning. On that day, I tried to do some homework, but I didn't get through any of them. One reason is because the subject that I tried to do first has no homework. So one subject is down, so I take the time that I would use on that subject to do what I want. Then, I tried the other subject, but it is quite easy, so I finished it fast, and I have the rest of the day off :D On Sunday, I was half-sleeping, but my brain is already working. I go through the homework that I have for that day, and I just don't want to sleep anymore even though I am still pretty tired. I want to sleep :(

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 106 - Math Test

Today, in the morning, the office told us to go to the first class for that day at 8o'clock sharp. I thought that they are only doing that because today we have the PASMUN, but when we arrived at the classroom, there are tests waiting for us. Farther more, it is a math test. There are only 3 questions, but all of them are super hard. I think I only know 1 of the answers. There aren't a lot of people that really know what the questions are about, and not a lot of people even know that we are going to have tests, and I am one of them. On the score sheet, it says there are 5 questions, and I guess that we are going to do the other two questions tomorrow. Those questions are going to be a lot harder, I guess. Also, because the calculator is not allowed, the questions are even harder. I hate math..

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 105 - One Month Left

Only about one month is left until the summer break. These days, however; is so tired. First, the school used up the two days of our weekends, all the teacher are throwing homework at us, then the finals are coming up. Wrong days just keep on repeating. There are other problems in my family, also for some of my friends. I just wish that I can go through this month safely. 
For this year, I think that there also going to let us have a field trip. Last year, every grade EXCEPT our grade gets to go on a field trip, which is totally unfair. Then, again this year they aren't going to give us one. It is like, our grade is always the one that doesn't get the benefits. Hoping that the things won't get any worser, or else, I am just not going to go safely through this month.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 104 - Nothing great happens recently

These days, it just seem to go wrong. Nothing is right. Getting all the homeworks, the teachers rushing to get to the end, exams coming, and no break. Of course there are a lot of other things that go wrong, but when those are mentioned, only more things would go wrong. So it will be better to keep the mouth shot. The raining weather seems to have an effect on all of us, all are gloomy and moody. I wonder, when the rain stops, and the sun smiling at us, would all the things go back to normal? Or just going right. Tired of all the wrongs, and the unhappiness around me. What is really causing all these? I do not know the answer. Would anyone tell me?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 103 - A Weekend Without Break

Monday blues, in the morning, 3 people in our class were not there. They are absent. One person came a little late, saying that she doesn't feel too well in the morning when she first got up. The other 2 take the day off. One which has some urgent things that happens in her family, so she doesn't even came to the Spring Fair. The other, some people said that he is sick, some said that he is just tired and doesn't want to come. Everyone in our class is tired of the Spring Fair yesterday, we all want to take the day off. And I think that yesterday isn't as fun as I think it will be, probably because it is raining, the rain can destroys all the happiness.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 102 - Spring Fair

Today is the Spring Fair, and also probably the last time our freshmen class can work together. The Fair started at 9, but we have to be there at 7:30, to prepare and take the things to where the fair is hold. At about 8:30, we arrived on the grass land, and found out where our booth is. Then we set it up, and start cooking what we are going to sell. We are pretty busy at first, but then there aren't a lot of people that come to our booth. Soon, the food are all sold out, which make us very happy. We earned about 5,300, which is the least that each booth have to make. So we don't need to give more money to school, which also make us happy. The Fair made us all very tired, but we still have to go to school the next day.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Day 101 - Spring Fair

On Sunday, it will be the Spring Fair. The school said that, if we can't make a profit to 5,000 dollars, we won't even get the money where we spend on the equipments. I think that the school is really unfair. It is the same meaning as just giving 5,000 dollars to people, while we have to work for them. These days, it will probably be raining for quite some time. Like today at night, the rain is pouring down. I hope that on Sunday it wouldn't rain, or else no one is going to buy, and no profit will be made. I wonder if the school might cancel it because of the bad weather. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 100 - Taiwan's End

There has been a rumor going around saying that today would be the last day to Taiwan. The rumor says about that there will have a huge earthquake and split Taiwan into half. The rumor also have a specific time told. In my class, when that time comes, the students are counting the seconds. When the time comes, however; it is silent. Then some of the students are just shouting and pretending that there is an earthquake. So I guess that the rumor is still just only a rumor. There is a friend of mine, that on his status, he wrote that it is a disappointment that there isn't an earthquake. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 99 - Can't get on blogger

Yesterday I heard that there is a person who died from cancer. The person also has a blogger, and posted a post every day. Yesterday, it was his last post, and a lot of people want on of Blogger to read the post. Thousands of people using blogger at once make the blogger runs really slow. A lot of people in our class can't get onto blogger. At first, I thought that it is my own computer's problem, only learn that it is not today. I guessed that person got quite a lot of fans to make the blogger not able to work.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 98 - A Concert

On Saturday, my mom brought me to Taipei. I didn't really want to go at first, but since there isn't really anything that I can do at home, so I went. The concert is to celebrate a brand of sport drink called Super Supau for becoming 30 years old. The concert is for free, just that you have to get the ticket before it runs out, and for every ticket, you need to have 10 caps of the drink. You can start going into the room where the concert is hold at about 5:30, but there are people that arrive at 10o'clock in the morning just to get a better view. There are 4 singers, who advertised for Super Supau, that are there. It wasn't as bad as I thought.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 97 - Bio Trip Cancelled

Last week, our biology teacher said that we would be going to a field trip. The trip was scheduled next week from Thursday to Saturday. Quite a lot of people have to take the AP exams, and since those people are not going, more people just think that it wouldn't be fun, and also declined to go to the trip. There are only a little bit more than 10 people that are going to the trip, which is not a lot people. Also, the expenses for the trip was raised from 8,000 to 9,500, which make a lot more people not wanting to go. So that the trip is now cancelled. Some people are sad that they can't go, and the teacher is going to give us a test. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 96 - A Teacher's Farewell Party

Today, a farewell party of a teacher is hold. I do not know the teacher too well, since I have never been taught by her. A lot of people that have her as a teacher all said that she is a really good teacher. So I guessed that a lot of people went to the farewell party. I did not go. The party finished at quite a late time. And that when a lot of people went home, they put things like "I will miss you" or "have a safe trip". I know those are for the teacher. People are saying that maybe she wouldn't be back even next year.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 95 - Hair Cut

On Sunday last week, I went and had a hair cut. I didn't really cut much, basically just have the hair fixed a little. I think it got fixed by 3cm. It might doesn't sound a lot, but it really made a big difference for me. When I went to school on Monday, not even one of my friends noticed the differences. I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing though. It's a good thing that it doesn't look too mush different form before. It's a bad thing, or just not such a good thing because the differences are just too small.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 94 - Rain Rain~

These days, it started raining, which it also become colder. In cars, or shops/malls, where the air-conditioning is almost always on, they are cold too. Then in school, the air-conditioning turned on. On other hot days, the air-conditioning is always off, so that the classrooms becomes really stuffy and hot. Today, a pretty cold day, added with the air-conditioning, it is really cold. I am glad that I choose to wear long pants, so that it isn't as cold. I still like the hotter weather of the spring. I just hate cold weather, for having to wear so many clothes.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 93 - Another Fight

For a long long time, my mom and dad had been fighting. Sometimes, it is just minor problems, and those can be figured out and settled at most a week. But this time, something bigger had happened, and so they keep on fighting and fighting. A few times within this long fight, they would make up. Then two days or so, they would start another fight. And this few days, I think that things had gone really wrong. They are no making up or anything. And I just feel that my dad is not so smart. He had known my mom for so long, and yet he still sees fights with her on his own.