Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 11 - Math Class in School and Math Tutor

For every Tuesday, I have tutor for math for 2 hours. And usually we have our chapter tests in school on Fridays, so I can have the tutor help me study. In school, I don't really paid too much of attention to the teacher, because math is a subject I hate the most. So, as the teacher teaches farther and farther in the book, I don't understand most of them.
And today, my tutor come and teaches me the part that I do not understand. Comparing my tutor and the math teacher, I can always understand more of what my tutor is teaching.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 10 - Staying at School but Being Told to go Home

Today, our grade called a meeting again, and because of that, I have to stayed at school to until about 3:20. Then because the time is delayed, I don't want to go home just then. So I decide to stay. I can't really find something to do, I simply walk around the school and chat with a few people. When it is about 4:55, a teacher makes an announcement to tell the students staying late at school should go home at 5 o'clock, because they are going to clean the school. So I called my mom to come pick me up, but she is kind of busy. Then I went out the school building and walk around to some places near the school with another person. It is not such a quite exciting  day today.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 9 - A Friend's Birthday and Buying Ingredients

It happened on Friday, the 26th. It was a classmate's birthday, that classmate really like surprises and fun things, that's why on the 25th he kept on asking if we know what is going to happen on the 26th. We already planned to buy a cake for him on Tuesday, and decided that it will be a surprise, so we all say that we don't know what is going to happen. He seemed sad that no one knows. When it is the 26th's lunch time, we first prepared the cake and bring him into the cafeteria, then we start to sing happy birthday, which gave him a huge surprise when he is brought to the table.

After school on the same day, another guy from 9th grade and I went to Candy's house. We are is the same group for the Sports Day, we are in Bakery. So we need to get the ingredients for making the things. And because we all decided that we will be making the bakery things at Candy's house, so we went to a shop near her house, and put the things in her house.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Day 8 - Happy Thanks Giving~~

Today in school, we have the Thanks Giving Lunch, everyone in school went to the cafeteria when the lunch bell rang. The place was really crowded because if you arrive a little bit later then the other people, you won't get the food that you want. It's hard to get to the food that mostly everyone likes, like fried chicken, coke, donuts and some other more popular things.So me and my friends took a plate for each of us and put anything that the others may like into the plate. We decided to share among ourself, and not just pick the things that we like ourself. There isn't any table that we can use in the cafeteria, so we have quite a hard time finding a place to settle down and eat. But eating and playing with friends during school hours is not a usual event, it is fun~

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 7 - Fun Fun Night

Yesterday night, for Amanda and the 8th grader that come over, we stayed up late. We chatted and played after the lights are out in my house. We went kind of crazy when we are playing and not chatting. We didn't chatted a lot, because we don't really know how to ask the other questions, and don't know how to answer them neither. So, we played. We tickled each other, and it is kind of fun when the other two are really afraid of tickling but not me. We also throw pillows are each other, but the bed isn't big, so the pillows tend to be drop on the floor.
Also that yesterday is a busy day, so we are kind of exhausted and we fell asleep quite fast...But over all,  it's a fun night~

Day 6 - Friends Sleep Over

Today after school, Amanda planned to come to my house to stay over. Right after school, we went to a class meeting, which takes up a longer time then we expected. Then we have to go to the biology class to make observations for a lab we are doing. Then, we went to a restaurant near our school to have dinner. Also, an 8th grader is coming too, but because she is in the basketball team, we have to wait for her to come back, it is not a really long time, but when we arrived home, it is later then we thought it will be. Amanda already planned about what to do even before today arrived, so, even our schedule is a bit delayed, we still finished them :D It is a fun day, and tomorrow we are going out shopping.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 5 - Shopping~~

For the pass two days, I was out shopping, with my friends and family. I bought a lot of things, some are necessary, but some are not. Just for adding to my collection of stuffs.
One of my hobbies is going out shopping, so every time I went out, with friends especially, I tend to spend a lot of money. But I always calculate my budget first, or else I will not have any money left for the next time.
But these days, I am limiting myself not to buy too much things, because I will run out of space to put the things.... Still, I can't help it, but spend a little :p

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 4 - Sports Day Events

Today, when the club time started, we went to discuss what each person is going to do during the sports day. I am in the blue team, last year too. For last year, I signed up for the 400 dash, which is pretty tiring. So, this year, I signed up for 800 meter relay, each person needs to run 200 meters, and its half of running 400 dash. And it will save me a lot of energy.
Also, the booths for our grade had been decided, so now we will have to get the ingredients.
And, pizza party tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day 3 - Staying After School With Nothing To Do

Today, I stayed after school, at first of a meeting about the booths our class will hold on Sports Day. I told my mom that I will call her when I want her to come pick me up. After the meeting, me and my friends went downstairs to get something to eat and drink. But after we came back up stairs, my friend need to go. And because of that, I am left alone. First I called my mom to pick me up at 5:30, but she doesn't have time at that time, so I will have to wait till six o'clock. I went around the school, finding people that I know, chat with them. Then one by one, each needs to go home, so I have to wait on my own, basically.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day 2 - Multiplication Table Game

Today, we have basketball class, we are practicing offense and defense. The opposite team that we are offending and defensing never take the ball from us and we always took their ball. fter playing some games or some practicing, the teacher lets us to do what we like. The girls are chatting at first, and at some point, they talked about math. Then they started to play a multiplication table game, where they have a chant,  then the first person ask the second person a multiplication question (1-9 only) and if the second person didn't get it right, then he/she is out. It is a simple game but we have fun playing with them.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 1 - Half Day Out With Friend On A Regular School Day

Today I have a really tiring day, nearly fell asleep in class, well, but didn't. The school day is mostly the same for each day, nothing interesting to talk about. After school, our 9th graders called an assembly at the auditorium, we talked about the booths and the things we are going to sell on Sports Day. There are some interesting new ideas of games, but mostly they are decided by the boys. When the assembly was finished, me and my friend were suppose to go to the bio lab and do some observations, but the teacher aren't there. So then we decide to go out and get something to eat. When we went out, I told my friend that I wanted to go to a gift shop to get something, and so we did. When we were back at school, we still can't find the teacher, and the time is up and my friend needs to go home. Today's after school was actually pretty fun.