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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 111 - The Election

Today is the election day for the new members for the Student Council. We are called to the auditorium at 12 o'clock. There, Ms. Pamela made a long speech about how people should not vote for people who are there friends, and no under table deals are allowed. Students should vote for the people that they think will actually bring a change to the school and students. Then, the election takes place. We are given a piece of paper with what each candidates' is going for. Each candidates then get called up to the front and made a speech of what they are thinking to do, how they might do them, and what experiences they have. Then the students have to vote for the ones they think would be better. Ms. Pamela later made another speech about the student should think about whether the things the candidates said are really able to be changed. The students vote. The school then starts to count the number of votes for each candidates. The results are announced today.

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